I Was Struggling With Poor Wi-Fi Signal Until My Friend Showed Me This Innovative Wi-Fi Extender - It Fixed my Slow Internet In Seconds!

Andrea StewartAugust 11th, 2023

Struggling with poor Wi-Fi signal? Bored of shifting around your office or home in a bid to find the best Wi-Fi hotspot? You are not alone.

Sometimes no matter where I decide to set up my router, I'll have a difficult time trying to get internet access in every part of my home. 

I can't stand it anymore, as when I'm stuck in quarantine, reliable access to the internet from every part of my house is critical to working from home, as well as for staying updated on the latest news regarding COVID-19. 

What makes me more desperate is that even if I invest in a dual-band router and spend serious cash each month on high-quality internet, it's still possible to have dead zones. It just feels like I am back in the days of dial-up!

My Friend's Genius Advice…

One day when I was video chatting with my friend Tim, he was so fed up with me being blurry and pixelated on the screen and asked, what is wrong with your connection?

Knowing my long struggle of Wi-Fi connection, he told me all about Keilini Wi-Fi Extender, an amazing new device he has been using for two years. 

He says this extender penetrates any barriers and extends wireless internet to every corner of the house and even beyond to the garage! It works at longer distances than any one he has previously owned.

"Does It Really Work?"

I decided to try it out and ordered one online. When I received the package, I found the design was really cool. I am not very tech savvy and was worried about if I would ever get it hooked up. A youtube video, 2 buttons pressed and 2 minutes later it's hooked up and running. 

I tried with my security camera link to my router about 70ft away. I put Keilini halfway between the router and the camera with 2 walls between each and it shows strong signal!!! I will definitely recommend this to anyone needing help with dead spots. 

The incredible Keilini Wi-Fi Extender provides stable and ultra fast signal at every corner of my house. I can now freely play games, have stream 4K video, schooling or video conferencing at home and outdoor without any lag or buffering. 

Fix Slow Internet In Seconds!

Are you over the Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? Though they're an easy target to blame, the cause of the dead zone might not be your router's fault. 

Bigger homes and old apartments with brick, steel, plaster and other impeding structural features, could very well be the cause of your dwindling Wi-Fi signal. Luckily, Keilini Wi-Fi Extender can boost full-strength Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house.

Keilini Wi-Fi Extender extends and boosts your existing Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach areas, covers up to 322 sq.feet. Its powerful signal penetrates floors, walls and extends your internet wireless network to every corner of the house, and beyond to the front porch, backyard and garage.

Now you don't need to set up a separate network in your garage, guest house, or home office. Keilini Wi-Fi Extender also works well in a business setting where you want Wi-Fi access in your lobby or patio and saves you the expense and complexity of installing multiple routers.

Just click WPS button on the extender and your router... Tap! It worked! What if your router without WPS? No problem! It only takes 3 minutes to set up via a smartphone. After a successful setting, there is no need to repeat operations, you can switch to other places according to your needs.

Turn Your Entire House Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the powerful chipset and 4 External antennas it boosts your internet on long range at the ultra-speed up to 300 Mbps. Keilini Wi-Fi Extender operates on the 2.4Ghz single band frequency and delivers ultra-stable bandwidth for online gaming, video chat and even streaming 4K HD video.

This easy-to-set-up extender is compatible with virtually any router and supports up to 32 devices, while keeping all the connected devices with a strong signal! This is hard to expect from other brands. 

Keilini Wi-Fi Extender easily connects to all brands of router, keeping a strong connection for your devices like Alexa Echo, Roku, Fire Stick, Ring, xbox/PS, doorbell cameras, garage doors, smart plug and more. The Ethernet port also allows this Wi-Fi booster to connect to wired devices as a wireless adapter.

Thousands of Americans are switching to this easy and cheap device for good reasons:

✅ Cover 322 square feet of extended Wi-Fi access

✅ Penetrate floors and walls with 4 external antennas

✅ Enjoy up to 3,000 MB/s network speed

✅ Support 32 devices connected at once

✅ No rocket scientist required - one button set-up

✅ WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols without safety concerns

✅ Efficient heat dissipation with stable performance

✅ Automatic memory phone settings, easily switch to other places

Some Questions We've Had

Q. Does it boost the internet speed?

The extender was developed to boost and get better Wi-Fi signals in weak or dead zones. Like in your garage, bedroom, or yard, where the signal from the router is weak, or no Wi-Fi. When you plug the extender in and used it to extend the signal, your getting a strong signal in those areas and are able to watch a video without buffering. 

Q. What is the maximum range coverage?

We've get 322 square feet according to Lab tests under ideal conditions without interference or obstruction. But the real-life range could be different due to wave interference and obstacles.

Q. What do I get in a package?

Wi-Fi Extender, Ethernet Cable, User manual.

Q. Is the battery required?

No, batteries is NOT required, it works from power socket.

Q. How to set up?

Step 1. Plug the Wi-Fi extender in the socket directly and search the extender in your cellphone WLAN setting.

Step 2. Select repeater mode and choose your Wi-Fi router. 

Step 3. Finish the setting and enjoy stable and ultra speed.

People Are Raving About It:

“It's great, no more lagging for me. Now I can play my game without any issues. So far so good, now getting a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout my home. Can't go wrong with this product." 

"We have a ranch style home and were having a lot of difficulty getting a signal in our basement where we have a game/movie room. Once I got everything set up it works like a charm. We are running streaming services and game systems on it with no problems at all. ”

“Works like it is supposed to. Set up was easy. The instructions are included in the box and written out step-by-step (no guessing).”

Say Goodbye To Wi-Fi Dead Zones!

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Where Can I Get My Keilini Wi-Fi Extender?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don't get stuck with some ancient prototype!

If it's still in stock, get your Keilini Wi-Fi Extender from the official website here.

*August 28, 2023 Update:

Ever since Keilini was featured on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first-time-buyer 50% discount.


Keilini Wi-Fi Extender

Say Goodbye To Wi-Fi Dead Zones!