Why Everyone in US Are Rushing to Get This Bone Conduction Headphones?

Andrea Stewart September 11, 2023

The Latest Open Ear Wireless Sport Headphones Never Fall out!

Ever since I started to use wireless earphones, I have always spent my time making sure those little sound-projecting devices don't fall out. They aren't cheap after all. The last thing I want is to watch them fall out and disappear into a storm drain while I'm out for a jog. Ouch!

The fact is, however, my earphones keep falling out and I have lost 3 pair of my earphones, maybe in the park, by the side of the road, or in the toilet. God knows where...

I never want to go back to earphones with wires or headbands as I always mess up with all the wires. Is it possible to have a true wireless earphones that securely stay in my ears? Thankfully, one earphone manufacturer named offered a solution to this.

According to one of the engineers in team, everyone's ears are different, and a one-size-fits-all earphone may simply not be a good fit for certain people. But designed this well-fitting earphone, which sit securely around your ears.

Thanks to the patented Open-ear design, you don't need to put the earphones in your ear canal anymore! The full wrap-around format of open ear headphones hug your head and right behind the ears, creating a more form-fit experience that won't slip or slide around during long runs or workouts.

You may ask, how could I hear anything if earphones are not even in my ear? The answer is simple, Bone Conduction Black Technology! earphones adopt the advance bone conduction technology which transmits sound to your auditory center through the skull instead of air.

Tell you the truth, I was skeptical at first to give them a try as it costs only a fraction of those top brands. But I was wrong...

Not Just Another Set of Earphones!

At the moment I put them on, I was so impressed with the crystal-clear sound, which is a totally new experience from my old wireless earbuds. Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones maintain the fidelity of the sound to the greatest extent.

As we all know, sound travels faster in solids than air. Bone Conduction Headphones save many steps of sound wave transmission, and achieve clear sound reproduction even in a noisy environment.

Had worn them almost 5hrs, not a single bit of discomfort. I had tried a lot before, too bulky, looked weird, and fell out of my ears. But Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones look great, were the right size, and fit securely around my ears. I wore them to the gym and even with the sweat and moisture throughout my workout, they didn't budge!

"The Safest Earphones in the World"

If you love wearing headphones for outdoor sports like me, you must be deeply troubled by this. How many times are you listening to a song with headphones outdoors, without noticing a car passed by?

But when you use bone conduction headphones to listen to music, you can also hear the sound of the environment around you. With Open-ear design, you will not be in a dangerous state of "blindness" anymore during sports.

Bone conduction headphones help you achieve the true painless and harmless. It’s also known as “The Safest Earphones in the World”. It prevents your ear canal and hearing from being hurt by wearing headphones for a long time.

Ordinary earbuds block your ear canal, and feel uncomfortable for long wearing, while headsets are stuffy and oppressive. With Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones, however, you don't need to put the earphones in the ear canal. Now your ears will not feel sore and painful even if you listen to music for whole day!

Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones Can Go Head-to-Head with the Big Brands

Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones packs all the design features and technology with those top brands. They do exactly what they are supposed to do, and they do it well, better than some of the most well-known brands.

Here is why they really won me over very quickly:

✅ Premium Sound Quality

Noise Canceling technology and Blue Tooth V5.0 chip deliver a wide dynamic range and rich bass. Fully enclosed bone vibrator + directional acoustic patent design greatly reduce natural sound leakage.

✅ Ultra Light in Weight

Weighs only 25g, this Titanium headphone is feather light but extremely stable. The memory Titanium material will never deform or break for your easy bend and store.

✅ Ultimate Durability

IPX56 certified sport headphones repel sweat dust and moisture throughout your indoor or outdoor exercise routine. These sturdy workout headphones withstand your most strenuous running cycling and more!

✅ Long Battery Life

The 150mAh Lithium battery with 2 hours recharge lets you talk or listen to music continuously for up to 6 hours. 10 days standby time allow you have any short trips without a charge.

✅ Friendly for Glass Users

The ergonomic design is also available for glass users. It stays right in place while working out, running, biking or any other activities.

Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones give you so much more for so much less!

Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

The time to buy the Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones is now. is investing big in their first time buyers by offering a big discount of 50% OFF! Now you can order yours for just $49.99!

Don’t settle for those cheap knock-offs and early prototypes that don't work as well. Prolonged use of fake bone conduction speakers even lead to hearing loss!

Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones, a pioneer in the professional sports headphones industry, give you all the decent quality, pack all the hi-tech into their headphones, only for a fraction of the cost of those big-brand earphones.

The promotion price is amazing for a device this high-level. I say, definitely, pick one up before they go... It's a no-brainer!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Forever, big companies have been ripping their customers off with outrageous prices. When you buy a pair of earphones, you're actually paying for the brand name, not necessarily for great quality.

While Cumuul Bone Conduction Headphones is a direct-to-consumer brand, they spend no money on advertising. A simple mission: Let more and more sports enthusiasts experience noise-free and wonderful music on the go like never before.

Where Can I Get It?

If it's still in stock, you can get Cumuul directly on their official website here.

* Monday September 11, 2023 Update:

Ever since was featured on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first-time-buyer 50% discount.


I think this is the best "cyborg"-style audio interface to the brain available. I listen to everything between spoken word podcasts, folk, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. I also do a lot of remote IT/software work and talking on the phone.


Reno, NV

Really quite cool to hear my music as well as my surroundings. Also, the in the ear headphones used to make my ears hurt. These ones, because they sit on top, are fantastic.

Brian Smith

Houston, TX

I bought these headphones as I really like the thought of the bone conduction. I do a lot of riding and running, and the sound is surprisingly good. They are comfortable and fit well... I have a size 60 head which is quite big but they are fine.

Carl Keeton

Denver, CO

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